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Product Offerings

HR Proactive is constantly researching and designing new training products and tools to help companies meet their due diligence, and will continue to add to its menu of product offerings on a regular basis so that its clients are well informed and up to date on policy and regulatory developments. Our information is provided in a variety of formats and delivery methods:

  • USB Flash Drive
  • MP4 Download (One year license)
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Online Training Course Library

  • HR Proactive is a Canadian-based company that provides service throughout North America. Our products can be customized to meet specific industry requirements, as well as jurisdictional differences.

    About HR Proactive Inc.

    Since 1997, HR Proactive has specialized in helping companies and organizations understand and comply with their legal responsibilities as employers, through a wide array of training products and services.

    HR Proactive was founded by human rights specialist Diane E. Mason with the goal of providing a comprehensive online resource for HR professionals, staff trainers, health and safety officers and personnel administrators, offering affordable training products and tools for today’s diverse workplace.
    Learn more about our team

    Drawing from a team of independent seasoned consultants with decades of experience, HR Proactive's range of services includes: investigations, mediations, workplace interventions, and policy development and training. Companies turn to HR Proactive for customized human resource & health and safety training solutions. HR Proactive provides all methods of training delivery: Instructor-led, train-the-trainer, customized e-Learning and videos, and off-the-shelf products.

    Guiding Principles

    • We are committed to doing business ethically and with integrity.
    • Our commitment to excellence will keep us continuously seeking to improve our products and services to best meet the needs of our clients.
    • HR Proactive affiliates thrive within the framework of the entrepreneurial spirit, maintaining the highest standard of accountability, and are able to deliver just-in-time results.
    • Our products will meet or exceed our clients' needs, both in terms of relevant up-to-date content and the quality of the packaging.
    • We will provide tools that enable the client to save time and money on research and development. We will anticipate the needs of our clients and will be well positioned to meet those needs, particularly in the crucial area of technology.

    HR Proactive listens to its clients and works with them to create customized products and solutions. Our clients view us as an extension of their team, providing virtual compliance tools and training products and services when needed.


    HR Proactive Associates are seasoned professionals with many years of real-life/work experience. We recognize that client service starts from within and we model a respectful workplace. We encourage a team approach to sharing and learning.